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New blog…..

Well I don’t think I ever came back to say that come over to see me at my other blog that I’m keeping this is just going to hang out so come on over here!!!


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Perhaps this is why it takes me so long to finish stuff!!

So last night I worked on this:  Dsc01385_1  Socks that Rock in Roctober. Plus I ordered a pair of Sketchers Mary Jane’s Mary_jane so that I can wear them with my socks…I ordered black , if I like them I may get the brown too!

Then this:  Dsc01387  my Wicked

Then I started this: Dsc01390 scarf with Malabrigio thick and thin…to go with my new jacket, winter has finally arrived in Ohio.

Then I worked some more on Wicked…. OH then I flipped through this.Dsc01391 ..a few cute things in it…

So now I’m off to work on my wicked.  I’d like to get to where the sleeves are off the needles.  Wore my Ribbi CardiDsc01136  today… got lots of compliments on it!

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Some finished work !

Well I finished my dad’s birthday scarf with about 30 minutes left to spare!  Dsc01367 I finished it at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, and we were leaving to meet  them for dinner at 2:30. Dad loved it.Dsc01376 Those it’s hard to tell by his cheesy picture! My FIRST “Manly Knit1” I’m really happy with how it came out.  It is done in mistake rib, 4 skeins of the yarn…but duh I threw out the tags so I can’t tell you about it!

Bigger news I finished my V-neck sweater!  Hooray! Dsc01381 OK so not a good picture.  I’ll get better when it’s dry and I can put it on! Dsc01364 Here’s Abby helping with the sleeve! I’ve washed it and blocked it, now I’m just waiting on it to dry.  I used Rowan chunky print and size 13 needles so it went fast.  I cast on for it on Jan 1, and finished sewing in the ends on Jan.15th!  A record for me!  I added a little bit of waist shaping, but other than that I followed the pattern.  Just a nice cozy weekend sweater. 

Then since I finished that and the scarf I started Wicked!  Dsc01383 with the Sexy Knitters Club. I’m using Andean Silk from Knit Picks in Sangria. I would have loved to have bought the teal yarn(Artyarns super-merino) they used in their pict on the pattern, but I am trying to knit from my stash..and I had bought the knit picks yarn for another project that I’d tired of..but the yarn is really nice, and is so soft! Speaking of knit picks…I LOVE my options needles, but I keep poking a hole in my index finger with them! Any thoughts on how to avoid that? I love the tips but eek! I know I should try not to push on the needles with my index finger, but I can’t help it!

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Zip it dee do dah

Today I feel like Wendy!! Why do you ask?  Well she is such a speedy knitter!  How does she get so much done so fast!?!?  But I did indeed finish the back of my classic V neck cardigan…Started it Monday night and finished it Tues night!  OK so it’s knit on size 13s but still quite an impressive feat for me!  Here is proof:


But now vacation is over so while the time was frenzied and crazy I’m sure I won’t knit on as quickly as the back.  I plan on casting on the front tonight.(oh yes this is stash yarn!)…coming back to work was kind of nice, except for getting up early which sucks…

Oh yeah I also got 3 of the 7 snowflakes appliques onto my whiteout! quilt! Dsc01342 Wow are they a pain to sew down! But it looks cool.  It’s a bigger quilt than I ws thinking…I may have to send it out to get it quilted!

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Happy New Year!

Well 2007 has already arrived! I’m wondering where 2006 went!  I’m trying to recover from our party last night…and get the Christmas stuff down.  I need to get my tree out before the garbage men come tomorrow! It’s dropping needles something fierce!  I’m trying Unsuccessfully to get hubby to bring the empty Christmas tubs up so I can put stuff away…plus I have some snowmen things I want to put up too!

As for resolutions I don’t usually make many, but I’m going to try to walk the dogs most days for 15-30 minutes.  I’ve been really slacking with that lately and it’d be good for them and me! And I want to try to organize myself a little more…My basement for one thing…

I am also going to try to go along with the Knit from your Stash 2007.  When I but yarn it is usually for a particular project. I have yarn for several sweaters!  If I get brave enough I will take picts. and post.  I’m not saying I’m not going to buy any yarn, but I would really like to get some of the projects done, they are things I want to make! So I guess it’s a great idea to go along with this and try to make some of the stuff I want to get done! I certainly have enough started quilting projects as well..

I did join BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club I’d decided on that awhile back…I just love their color ways…I couldn’t resist. Plus it’s sock yarn so that doesn’t count anyway!

My split neck T is almost done…I’m hoping to finish it today or tomorrow.  I’ll try to get picts up tomorrow!  I started working again on my jaywalker sock but I messed up and I need to pull back an inch or so.  I messed up somewhere along the gussets….I was trying to fix it but I’m going to have to to just frog it back a bit.

I promise I’ll get some picts up soon…

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I’ve been a busy little elf!

YIPPEE the snowman quilt is done!  It came out cuter than I expected!  I think I may have to make one up for myself!  I just have to get a dowel rod for the back, but I’ve got the rings for the holder in the back and everything. Dsc01274 I can’t think of the name of the pattern right now and I don’t feel like running upstairs to find out…Kalico Kreations I think. They have a Santa pattern the same size really cute too..

Also here’s a pict of the scarf I made for my mom..nothing fancy. Just garter stitch.  Please remind me not to use this yarn again!  It drives me crazy, but the scarf is pretty!Dsc01278It will match her coat really nicely!

Now all that’s left is to sew up the catnip mice and stuff them. Well actually I still need to make cookies, and wrap gifts, (I did wrap hubby’s this AM since he was at work and I’m off today!) But hubby gets to help with those 2 even if he doesn’t want to!!  🙂

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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So I’ve been slacking

OK I’ve been slacking on this blog..I should probalby just be using this one since it’s free…so here’s some stuff from my other blog…

December 21, 2006

Quilts of Christmas past

Here are some quilts of Christmases past…..

Christmas card holder


Holly quilt


star log cabin (Abby posing again)


Santa wall hanging


I think that’s most of them!  I’m almost done with the snowman wallhanging for my cousing..taking a break from it!  I’m ging to head back to the sewing studio to finish it up in a few!

December 20, 2006

The Christmas Knitting is done!

Well I’ve finished my Christmas knitting!  I finished the blue purse completely yesterday.Dsc01258 Dsc01257

I also made a scarf for my mom. Just lion homespun (which I forgot that I hate knitting with) but it goes with her new coat . OK well I do have to sew up the catnip mice yet….

Now just to finish the Christmas sewing!  I have a wall hanging to get done.  I started it, and plan on finishing it tomorrow. We’ll see wish me luck

Well I have a couple more finished objects!  Yippee!  I finished 2 of my 3 holiday gift purses! Dsc01200 They are lined and the handles are on.  Dsc01197 The 3rd one is knitted but not lined and sewn up yet.Dsc01201  Hopefully tomorrow night.  I’m going to try to get my Christmas cards done today. I managed to get my other decorations up.  I also have given in and am going to try to make a wall hanging for my cousin-in-law who I have in our family exchange.  I saw/bought the pattern yesterday.  Am I a sucker?   It’s an easy pattern so I hope I can get it done in a few hours. We’ll see…I don’t have any other ideas for her.

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Christmas is on it’s way!

Well with Jeanne’s help I’ve knit up two purse’s for my niece’s.  Dsc01186 I started the last one! I hope they like them.  I think they are quite cute. Dsc01187 I still have to line and attach the handles. I figure I ought to do all three at once. 

I also glued all my noses on all my ornanments,and tied on the strings on and date them! They are done! Dsc01185  HOORAY!! I have to bag them up but that isn’t hard to do! I decided to go with the 3D noses made from sculpy clay, way cuter!  I’m very happy with them I think in the end they may have been easier to make (not to glue on) than the foamy ones would have been!

I also have the body done on the split neck tee, and just the sleeves and collar to do.  I’m REALLY happy with how it fits! I”m tying to make myself finish the last purse before I pick the sleeves up.

Abby is trying to get into the holiday spirit!Dsc01175  Toby is bored with all the Christmas maddness!Dsc01129 I did manage to get my tree up and decorated.  It only took my a week to do it!  I also have most of my decorations up. NOw to clean my house up so It’s not a disaster!!

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in other knitting news

Not only did  finish my Ribbi, I’ve also been knitting along on my split neck tee froom Knitting pure and Simple. Dsc01114  I’m down to the waist increased.  Another night or two and I should be done with the body.  I love the look of this yarn!  Though it is a bit splitty, but I just have to keep a  bit more of an eye on it, but really once you get moving with it you get a feel for it and it’s not too much of a problem.  I’m hoping to be able to wear this for holiday occasions, since the yarn has a bit of a sheen to it, it’s a bit dressier than regular wool.

I’ve also started knitting some little mice for my catnip mice I’m making for all the cats in my life.  I’ve got 3 of 6 knitted up and lightly felted.I just scrubbed them up in the sink with my hands and some hot water. Dsc01116  I need to get some fresh catnip at the ole pet store this weekend so I can sew them up.

I’ve also started my snowman ornaments last night. Dsc01133 I’ve glued on the earmuffs and eyes, and drew on the smiles. Now to cut out and attach all the noses.  I have presticky foamy paper but it’s a pain to cut so I may just buy a plain sheet cut it and glue it on to the bells.  I’m also thinking about getting some polimer clay and trying to make some 3D noses….

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